Welcome to my blog! Feel free to talk to me, or not. I don't blame you if you don't want to. Anyways... I'll be camping from Thursday until Sunday (14th-17th), so sorry if my blog is a little scarce. I'm building up my queue though, so don't cry at the terrible lack of Bree on your dash. (as if)

My Favorite Blogs

Reasons to Smile Today
1: Because I said so
2: Because you're fucking beautiful
3: Because today's a new day
4: Because tomorrow's an opportunity
5: Because yesterday's the past
6: Just because.
7: Because you have internet connection right now
8: Because today is not your last day
9: Because music exists
10: Because you're on my blog...

If you need more, just ask. I could go on forever...


You can add anything!


"Ways of talking"

"Hi, my name is Bree. I enjoy frozen yogurt and laughing for absolutely no reason at all. But I don’t allow myself to cry as often as I need to. I have solar-powered confidence, I have a battery-operated smile. My hobbies include editing my life story, hiding behind metaphors, and trying to convince my shadow that I’m someone worth following" -Rudy Francisco